Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles

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Treatment for lines and wrinkles involves rejuvenating loose skin on the face. The skin can lose its collagen and elasticity through aging and unprotected sun exposure, leading to deeper and more obvious wrinkles. Wrinkled skin may appear in the form of fine lines before increasing in thickness and visibility. While the face is the most common area of concern, common areas for wrinkled skin are near the breast, neck, elbows, upper arms, abdomen, and thighs as well.

Dermis Advanced Skin Care offers aesthetically pleasing solutions based on your individual needs and concerns. A comprehensive treatment plan will be set up to meet the unique requirements your skin has. Whether it’s fine lines near the eyes or deep wrinkles near the lips, a wholesome procedure is guaranteed.

Here are some simple tips from Dermis Advanced Skin Care on how to prevent and treat lines and wrinkles:
1. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen daily.
2. Avoid smoking to prevent free radical damage which speeds up the aging process.
3. Hydrate the skin by drinking water and using an appropriate moisturizer.
4. Eat a well-balanced diet rich with vitamins and minerals which improve the skin’s vitality (remember ACE, vitamins A, C, and E.)
5. Maintain the optimal pH balance for your skin. Certain products can help maintain this balance, an unhealthy pH balance on the skin caused by improper product usage makes the skin more vulnerable to infection and irritation.
6. Exfoliate the skin regularly, but not everyday. Our skin therapists can determine an appropriate exfoliating routine for your skin type.
7. Prevent dynamic wrinkles, restore lost volume to your face, and soften existing lines and wrinkles.
8. Give your skin a boost by stimulating the collagen, both superficially and deep. Certain ingredients like retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are excellent cell stimulants, but be careful not to overuse them and to pair them with daily sunscreen use.
9. Ask questions, do your research carefully, and then share your beauty secrets with a friend!

Come in for a consultation and see what a positive difference prevention and treatment of lines and wrinkles can make for you.

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