Sensitive vs. Sensitized Skin

Sensitive skin is both a skin type and a skin condition.
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Sensitive skin is both a skin type and a skin condition. Some are genetically predisposed to skin sensitivity, whereas others can actually acquire a sensitive skin state due to a variety of factors including harsh weather conditions, over washing or over exfoliating, inadequate moisturizing, excessive sun exposure, and improper home maintenance.

When treating sensitive skin types, it is important to slowly introduce appropriate home maintenance products to gradually increase the skin’s tolerance and lower the reactivity. This is done by supporting and rebuilding the skin’s compromised protective barrier, which causes the redness, splotchiness, and irritation. Clinical treatments for sensitive skin are targeted towards cooling and comforting the skin.

At Dermis Advanced Skin Care, we have many clients concerned with sensitive or sensitized skin, and we offer a comprehensive, progressive approach to maintaining or ameliorating the condition. The first consideration is to try to determine the cause, whether the condition is genetic or acquired. We then focus on calming the skin with medical grade skin care products designed to soothe and protect sensitive skin. These products reduce the inflammation and hydrate the skin while optimizing the pH balance. We also offer clinical treatments using calming products that support the skin and improve the skin’s tolerance to treatments and products. A personal consultation with one of our skin therapists will determine the right products which will calm your skin and improve your skin quality.

Once the skin is stabilized, we gradually add more active products and treatments to address dullness or other concerns of the skin. This must be done cautiously based on the skin type.

Come in for a consultation and see what a positive difference treatment of sensitive skin can make for you.

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