Uneven Complexion

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Uneven skin is a common concern that is characterized by a complexion that can appear dull, with inconsistent blotchiness and irregular skin pigmentation. This skin condition can age the skin’s appearance and make the skin look more tired.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone
There are a variety of factors that influence skin complexion.
Causes include:
– Natural Hyperpigmentation (Due to an overproduction of Melanin)
– Excessive exposure to UV Rays
– Genetics
– Hormonal Changes

Each client will display a unique set of causes and symptoms, depending on their skin. Treating uneven skin tone involves revitalizing and brightening the skin, using active ingredients and vitamins to improve the skin’s appearance. Laser, chemical peels, and medical aesthetic facials are all good options. A Dermis Advanced Skin Care skin specialist can help determine why the skin is uneven and the appropriate treatment and home care for you.

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