Active Acne (Acne Vulgaris)

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands, which produce the skin’s protective oil barrier.
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Active Acne

Chronic acne can be emotionally traumatic. The resulting scars can be long-lasting and stubborn to treat. Dermis Advanced Skin Care in Ottawa offers a range of effective treatments to improve or eliminate acne scarring.

Because acne is chronic, it can be a stubborn problem which is best managed with proper home maintenance and regular clinic treatments. The skin’s cell turnover is approximately 28 days, which slows down as we age, so monthly treatments are optimal to keep our cell metabolism up. This regular exfoliation helps prevent the pore blockages responsible for acne. For home maintenance, regular exfoliation, deep cleansing, and moisturizing is crucial to positive and long-lasting results. If untreated, more aggressive acne can leave behind acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

At Dermis Advanced Skin Care, we always recommend Medical Grade Skin Care Products to address acne.  These products may be effective on their own or may be used to augment in-office skin treatments such as Chemical Peels, Medical Facials, or Laser Acne treatments. 

Several factors may influence the decision at to which treatment is selected.  Factors such as cost, time, convenience, skin type and previous treatments are all important.  A personal consultation with our experienced skin care team can help determine which treatment or combination of treatments is appropriate. 

Come in for a personalized consultation and see what a positive difference customized treatments can make for your active acne.

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