Tired or Stressed Appearance

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At any age, the skin can begin to appear tired and stressed. This can be due to dehydration, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, insufficient vitamins, or even certain medications. Aging skin is especially prone to looking tired and stressed. This is due to the exacerbated appearance of fine lines, creasing, wrinkles, and age spots. To maintain a more youthful appearance, treatments and products are required to preserve a higher level of collagen and elastin production. This improves the skin’s plumpness, texture, and tone.

At Dermis Advanced Skin Care, we offer skin consultations to thoroughly examine your skin and home maintenance routine before implementing a treatment plan.
Causes include:
– Natural Aging
– Genetic Predisposition
– Stress
– Sun damage
– Medications
– Smoking
– Skin Conditions
– Hormonal Changes

Clients may be affected by one or multiple causes from this list. In most cases, natural aging impacts a patient as the skin loses its ability to generate an adequate amount of collagen or elastin.

For more information book a consultation with a Dermis Advanced Skin Care skin specialist, and see what a positive difference we can make for you.

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