Nose Contouring

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Ottawa Skin Clinic

Non-surgical nose contouring is the process of correcting the shape and contours of your nose. This injection-based method of correcting nose shape is commonly called non-invasive rhinoplasty.
The procedure is entirely safe since we use fillers created from natural substances. These materials are eventually filtered and released from the body naturally.
The nose contouring procedure will allow you to quickly and easily eliminate common defects of the nose with minimal recovery time and no threat to the patient’s health. You will see significant results one week after your nose contouring. Although it can effectively solve cosmetic problems, it cannot reduce the length or size of a long nose.

Choosing a professional with experience in this type of procedure is essential to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from nose contouring.

Dermis Advanced Skin Care’s nose contouring injection is an effective solution for those who want to improve the appearance of their bulbous nose tips and wings. The “sharpening” effect of the injection creates a smaller nose without surgery. Count on our Ottawa skin clinic’s specialists and their extensive experience with nose contouring.

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