Laser Photo Genesis

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Laser Photo Genesis is a skin care treatment that uses short bursts of broad-spectrum light energy to improve the appearance of the skin. This treatment can help improve sun damage, age spots, broken capillaries, facial veins and other common imperfections. One of the best things about this treatment is that you won’t miss any time from your regular activities, and you can get the treatment in as little as 30 minutes. You can achieve gradual, natural improvement by receiving 3-5 treatment sessions.

How does Laser Photo Genesis work?

The light emitted by the Photo Genesis device is selectively soaked up by areas of your skin with pigmentation or redness. It’s the pigmented cells’ heating that causes the therapeutic effect.

During the procedure, the handpiece will feel refreshing and cozy when placed on your skin, and when we deliver the pulse of light, you may feel a very brief and mild pinching sensation.

You can see significant results after only one or two treatments. But for bigger or darker spots, skin that is densely freckled, or skin damage caused by too much sun, you might need extra treatments.

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