Melasma Spectra Toning

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Melasma, also referred to as pregnancy mask, is a common pigmentation disorder. It appears as brown or gray patches on the skin, typically larger than sunspots and present symmetrically on the face. Common areas affected by melasma are the cheeks, eye contour, nose bridge, and forehead.

At Dermis Advanced Skin Care, we offer several treatments and home care that can lighten melasma. The frequency and duration of treatments will vary depending on the severity of the condition. It is important to remember to follow treatments with proper home maintenance targeted towards inhibiting melanin production, this includes daily use of sunscreen. Melasma is often difficult to treat and may not respond to traditional depigmentation treatments. Melasma should be treated carefully and cautiously, in order to prevent darkening the pigmented areas. There is currently no cure and recurrence is common due to the genetic and hormonal influences on melasma

At Dermis Advanced Skin Care, we carry a variety of medical grade products which help to inhibit the production of melanin. We also carry medical grade sunscreens for optimal sun protection. Ingredients known to help treat melasma and pigmentation issues include kojic acid, licorice root, azelaic acid, mandelic acid, retinol, and vitamin C.

Come in for a consultation with our experienced team of skin specialists to determine which treatment is most appropriate for you.

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