Ottawa Lutronic’s Spectra Tattoo Removal

Have you ever gotten a tattoo and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted? Or maybe you got it for a dare, or tattooed yourself for a reason that no longer exists.

Whatever your original reason behind your tattoo, if you’ve had regrets and considered removing it, you are not alone. Many advancements have been made in tattoo removal technology, and Lutronic’s Dual mode, Quadruple Wavelength Spectra tattoo removal laser is one of the most effective options when you want to get ride of your outdated or embarrassing body art.


About The Laser

Lutronic’s Dual Mode, Q-switched Nd:YAG SPECTRA™ laser has 4 distinct wavelengths and is the Gold Standard in tattoo removal technology. Its combination of high-peak power and short pulse width means it offers efficient targeting of your pigment with minimal damage to the surrounding skin. It removes a tattoo quicker than previous laser solutions painlessly, and comes with all the necessary equipment to remove the widest spectrum of tattoo colours.

How Does It Remove My Tattoo?

Pigment in your tattoo is blasted by the laser, breaking up the ink into minute particles that are absorbed and expelled naturally by your body. There are many options when it comes to lasers, and not all of them work the same way. The average tattoo takes anywhere from four to six treatments before it is removed, and the number of treatments vary heavily depending on the tattoo’s age, colour, and pigmentation.

How To Prepare

To minimize pain, some people take a Tylenol prior to treatment. Aspirin products are not recommended as they can contribute to severe post-treatment bruising. Another option is to apply an anesthetic cream a couple of hours before your tattoo removal treatment.

What To Expect During Your Procedure

When you come in for your tattoo removal, we customize your laser treatment based on the condition of your skin and your skin type. Even though our laser is considered the safest and most versatile for all skin types, we take special care to avoid potential for burning or post-inflammatory
hyperpigmentation (PIH). Some clients report pain with their tattoo removal, generally described as a succession of pricks or burns to the skin.

Some clients also worry that they do not see results after their first treatment. Depending on the tattoo you’re trying to remove, this is normal. Black ink fades the quickest as it is the easiest to remove, while green ink is much more difficult and as a result takes more time.

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