Laser Removal Could be the Cure to your Body Hair Woes

Aug 21, 2017 | Laser Hair Removal Articles

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Tired of Tedious and Ineffective Hair Removal?

Chances are, most Ottawa women-and some men as well have tried plucking, waxing, threading and shaving to rid their faces and bodies of unwanted hair. While these techniques are convenient and relatively pain-free, they are temporary measures that will not keep your hair at bay for very long. For many people, it has become a daily ritual to shave, pluck and wax-which is a huge portion of your time if you add it up!

If you’re tired of subjecting yourself to tedious and often painful routines that don’t even keep the hair away longer than a week or two, laser hair removal at Dermis Advanced Skin Care could be the next step for you! Schedule an appointment today for your initial consultation, and one of our experienced and professional team members will go over your options and help you to make the best, most informed decision possible for getting rid of that pesky body fur.

When you schedule an appointment, you should also be prepared to take a few extra steps to ready yourself for it. Below are some of the best tips of the trade that we can offer you. Keep these in mind as the appointment date approaches.

Skip Waxing and Plucking…

It might be tough to deal with the stubble that is bound to grow in, but do your best to avoid plucking or waxing on or near the area that will be laser-treated. Because these hair removal methods disturb the hair follicle beneath your skin, it makes it harder for the laser to work as it should.

A lot of us hate going through the routine of plucking and waxing anyway, so consider it a good reason to take a break!

…But Don’t Skip the Shaving

Because waxing and plucking effects the follicle of your hair, neither method is advisable. However, shaving only clears the surface of your skin of hair, so don’t be afraid to lather up and take a razor to the area you want laser-treated prior to your appointment. At Dermis Advanced Skin Care in Ottawa we may actually shave you before your appointment, but you can skip that step by giving yourself a close shave at home, first.

Leave the Tight-Fitting Clothes at Home

It’s important to keep in mind what areas you will be having treated with a laser when you come in for your appointment at Dermis Advanced Skin Care. Because the treatments can cause some pain and irritation to the skin until you have healed fully, loose and comfortable clothing are your best bet to reduce discomfort after the procedure is over. Your hair removal technician will also likely apply an ointment after the treatment as well, and you don’t want that getting on your clothes.

If you’re having your legs laser-treated, for example, consider shorts or a skirt that won’t be constricting and will allow your skin to breathe.

Can you go Tanning Before Your Appointment? It Depends.

It is a common misconception that tanning should always be avoided prior to your laser hair removal appointment. But for Ottawa clients who are going to skin clinics that use true laser technology, such as Cutera’s Nd:YAG Laser, tanning beforehand is totally safe. If your clinic is using Intense Pulse Light for the purpose of hair removal, then it would probably be best to be cautious and skip the tanning bed. At Dermis Advanced Skin Care we make use of the most cutting-edge and safest technology to rid you of your unwanted body hair, but it is safest to double-check with your technician at your initial consultation just to make sure that you won’t do any added damage to your skin.

Don’t Stress!

You might be expecting pain during your appointment at our Ottawa office. After all, the laser does technically work by burning away the hair. But don’t be scared! Prior to your appointment, try to relax and think about how happy you will be with smooth, hairless skin after all is said and done.

To schedule your consultation today and speak with one of our professionals about laser hair removal, call us today at (613) 233-7546!