Hair removal benefits for men

Apr 8, 2020 | Laser Hair Removal Articles

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Hair removal benefits for men

Are you tired of having to shave every morning and at times even two times per day to do away with that 5 p.m. shadow! Do you hate having to continually deal with those unruly hairs on your back and shoulders?

Ingrown hairs can be very annoying and are not beautiful to look at. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to get rid of, or perhaps reduce the quantity of body hair they have.

Perhaps your partner has been hinting that you go for laser hair removal, but you are probably too shy to inquire about it. Luckily, we are here to help you do away with those irritating hairs and answer any related questions you may have.

Below are ten benefits of laser hair removal for men in Ottawa to inspire you to come to our clinic for help:

1.     Prolong the life of that awesome haircut

Many clients have made a routine to schedule a laser hair removal session following their barber appointments. By using the laser to gauge the line at the nape of their necks immediately after that great haircut, men are increasing the interval between haircuts as our grooming gets rid of the shaggy look that comes after a few weeks following a hair cut.

2.     Keep your stylish beard on-point

The same process explained above is valid for your facial hair. Are you tired of going to the barber to style your beard only to have it gone in a couple of days? Our laser hair removal can prolong the life of your stylish beard. How? By making it permanent!

3.     It eliminates waxing, shaving, and ingrown hairs

One of the main advantages of laser hair removal is the fact that you do not have to shave anymore, which subsequently does away with rashes as well as ingrown hairs. And if your skin often scars from in-grown strands, then you’ll have the extra benefit of no more skin scarring.

4.     It improves confidence and self-esteem

Being extremely hairy makes some individuals self-conscious. However, having that freedom to put on whatever you wish can significantly boost your confidence. Who would not want to feel confident in their own skin?

5.     It makes muscles look more defined

If you have got muscles to show off, then you will see more definition once you get all that hair removed from your skin. Why hide what you have worked so hard for! Get rid of that stomach rug and flaunt those abs.

6.     It makes men look well-groomed

Did you know that you could sculpt the back of your neck and even your beard solely with the help of laser hair removal? Yes, this is possible. It will leave you with that clean-cut and sharp look.

7.     It saves time

Let’s admit it. Not having to shave daily would save you some precious time. You probably have other better and more important things to do with the time you spend shaving daily! Laser hair removal is not only fast but safe as well.

8.     It saves money

Laser hair removal will help keep the cash you continuously spend on shaving razor blades, shaving creams, and/or waxing appointments. The procedure is reasonably priced, and you will love the results. Consider this an investment.

9.     It makes sexual partners happy

Your partner will indeed thank you in more than one way. A lot of people like their partners being completely hair-free in the right places.

10.     It makes the skin look better

Having a clearer glimpse of your skin might inspire you to look after it better. Remember that taking good care of your skin helps in slowing down ageing signs.

11.   It protects delicate areasLaser hair removal is almost pain-free. Some men even fall asleep when having their backs and other areas treated. In addition, you can say goodbye to scrapes and nicks in those sensitive and delicate areas.

Do you have any questions about laser hair removal for men in Ottawa? Contact us now for free consultations.