Advantages of Choosing Laser Hair Removal

Nov 25, 2019 | Hair Removal Articles

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Laser hair removal is now a popular choice compared to waxing and shaving since it permanently removes hair from the body. People want long-lasting results in getting rid of unwanted hair which is possible through laser hair removal.

The following are the top benefits of laser hair removal.


The use of lasers helps to target pigmented areas of the skin i.e. the hair follicle meaning that only the follicle is burned and not the surrounding skin. Hair in the body grows in several stages namely anagen, telogen, and catagen. Laser hair removal is most effective when hairs are at the anagen phase, the stage of rapid growth. A concentrated laser beam is focused on the hair follicle and the heat destroys it preventing further growth.

Highly Effective

Laser hair removal has been approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Permanent hair reduction is described as long term stable reduction of a number of hair regrowing after a treatment regime. Over the several courses of treatment, laser hair removal will permanently reduce the amount of body hair. The use of lasers is highly effective in getting rid of unwanted body hair especially if the hair is targeted at the anagen phase. For effective hair removal, Dermis Advanced Skin Care recommends a series of consecutive treatments at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. The vast majority of people are happy with the results reporting that few hairs that grow back are sparse and lighter in color.

Laser Hair Removal is Immediate

Lasers are designed such that they can target several hair follicles over a large surface area at the same time. Depending on targeted body parts, laser hair treatment can take anything from one minute to thirty minutes. No recovery is required meaning people resume their daily lives immediately.

Minimal Discomfort

In general, laser hair removal is not associated with great discomfort. The levels of discomfort experienced are described as a gentle pinch or snap of a rubber band. The discomfort is dependent on targeted body parts and pain tolerance of the client. Somebody parts are more sensitive compared to exposed body surfaces. Waxing is more painful and is dreaded.

Dermis Advanced Skin Care will conduct an initial consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. Visit our offices in Ottawa for laser hair removal and our highly trained experts will answer your questions and provide hair removal treatment.